OpenAgile is an open learning system for delivering value

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"OpenAgile is a whole new approach to project development. I personally believe it should be taught in grade 11... over the waterfall process as it is far more effective."
- Sameid Usmani, Fenix

"OpenAgile has been revolutionary for our company... really big impact."
- Jay Lawrence, CEO at PatientWay by Infonium

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OpenAgile is a learning system designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations build capacity for rapidly delivering value to their stakeholders. It is based on three foundations:

1. Truthfulness
"Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues."(1)

2. Consultative Decision-Making
"We never undertook to do any thing of any importance which was likely to affect each other, without mutual consultation. We were generally a unit, and moved together."(2)

3. Systematic Learning
“Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.”(3)

Anyone doing work that needs to be organized, effective, and high-quality can use OpenAgile. By using OpenAgile to build capacity, improve processes, and generate rapid and deep learning, people can become more reliable, hyper-producers of value for their customers, communities and society. Learn more by reading the OpenAgile Primer.

In the tradition of open source, OpenAgile is freely available to all. Anyone can learn about it, use it, and then contribute back to it. The OpenAgile Institute publishes the official version at and a community of practitioners works on the unofficial version at To ensure coherence and integrity, we use OpenAgile in our work as we further develop the methodology. Community Engagement Meetings are held quarterly, and all are welcome to participate.

OpenAgile Reference Material
* The OpenAgile Primer - a PDF ebook approx 35 pages
* A one-page OpenAgile Reference Sheet - also PDF
* OpenAgile Core Responsibilities & Activities.pdf

OpenAgile Training
* Level 1 - OpenAgile Team Member - 2 days
* Level 2 - Process Facilitation for a New OpenAgile Team - 2 day
* Level 3 - Growth Facilitation for a New OpenAgile Team - 1 day
* Level 4 - Accompanying OpenAgile practitioners at an Organization - ? days
* Level 5 - Facilitating OpenAgile Training - ? days

OpenAgile Community
* OpenAgile Wiki
* Share stories about agile
* OpenAgile Champions
* People in the Community
* Google Group

1. Abdu'l-Baha
2. Frederick Douglas
3. Chinese Proverb