Contributors to OpenAgile

There are many ways that people contribute to OpenAgile. Some are simply interested members of the community. Others are building capacity through the certification program. And others are active champions of OpenAgile. This page provides a way for you to find out who is involved in contributing to OpenAgile, and how they are contributing:

Members of

People who have demonstrated capacity:

Level 1: OpenAgile Readiness Certificate Holders

Level 2: Certified OpenAgile Team Members

Level 3: Certified OpenAgile Process Facilitation

Level 4: Certified OpenAgile Growth Facilitation

Level 5: Certified OpenAgile Coach

Level 6: Certified OpenAgile Trainer

Level 7: Certified OpenAgile Catalyst

Level 8: Certified Master of OpenAgile

and finally,

OpenAgile Champions
Information on becoming an OpenAgile Champion.