About the OpenAgile Center for Learning

The OpenAgile Center for Learning is a Canadian non-profit organization whose vision is

"To create an environment in which people are free to express their true nature and capacities to contribute to the betterment of their organization."

The OpenAgile Center for Learning's Board of Directors serves as the kernel of OpenAgile. Together, their path of service is to:
* ensure the integrity of OpenAgile
* foster learning-driven development of OpenAgile
* administer the capacity recognition program
* serve the OpenAgile community

Executive Management
Garry Berteig (one of the founders of OpenAgile and James Heidema are currently the executives in charge of the day-to-day operation of the OpenAgile Center for Learning.

Founders of the OpenAgile Center for Learning:
(formerly known as the OpenAgile Institute)
David D. Parker, Mishkin Berteig, Paul Heidema, Travis Birch, and Garry Berteig.

Members of the OpenAgile Center for Learning Board of Directors are:

Paul Heidema, Secretary
Mishkin Berteig, Treasurer
Travis Birch
Garry Berteig

Contact Information

The OpenAgile Center for Learning is based in London, Ontario.

Executive Director: Garry Berteig
phone: 1-780-790-2393
email: garry at openagile dot com

Operations Director: Jim Heidema
phone: 1-519-694-3993
email: james at openagile dot com

Our mailing address is:
Suite 203, 186 King Street, London, ON, Canada N6A 1C7