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Official OpenAgile Resources

The current version of all the OpenAgile materials is available for browsing and downloading. These materials, unless otherwise indicated, are owned by the OpenAgile Center for Learning and can be used under the same Creative Commons license as this web site.

OpenAgile Manuals Repository

Some important items from this set of materials are:

NEW! OpenAgile Assessment Checklist
Draft OpenAgile Primer
Printable A0-size Skills Matrix


The following files are various presentations of aspects of OpenAgile. Many of them are used in the training seminars. These materials may be useful on their own, but often require explanation to be fully understood.

Video: The Purpose of OpenAgile

The following files are various formats and translations of the basic presentation on the OpenAgile principles and process. Chinese translation is by Brenda Bao and Ma Jin. If you are interested in translating this material... please go ahead and then let us know:

Please note that the "Optima" font face is used throughout these presentations. If you do not have this font available, formatting in the ODP and PPT files may not be correct.

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