OpenAgile Process Facilitation Capacity Recognition

The recognition program for this path of service is UNDER CONSTRUCTION by the OpenAgile Center for Learning. You are welcome to help us. To review and contribute, please visit the public OpenAgile repository for Process Facilitation materials. If you would like to work on a particular part of the materials or contribute something new, please send a note to

Process Facilitation
- help co-team members practice the OpenAgile Process and techniques that support that process (e.g. a variety of retrospective techniques, task board maintenance, commitment velocity, etc.)
- help co-team members practice the OpenAgile Foundations by recognizing and encouraging good behaviors, discouraging bad behaviours, and deepening team members understanding of the Foundations
- apply the Foundations to the use of the OpenAgile process

The Process Facilitation path of service is focused on helping teammates learn and use the OpenAgile process components effectively. This includes reminders about the process, explanation of the reasons for the process, and gentle guidance to individuals to stick with the process. It may also include administrative activities for the process such as ensuring that a visible task board is up-to-date.
Process Facilitation is not a formal role (see information about Paths of Service). An individual doing process facilitation is serving their team and their organization to make the process more effective. The following are some examples of similar / alternative terms to be used when referring to Process Facilitation:
- Process Guidance (or just Guide)
- ScrumMaster (rough but not perfect equivalent to the Scrum role)
- Facilitation
- Chairing (as in chairperson)
- Process Coaching (or just Coach)
- Servant Leadership (rough equivalent)

Recommended Reading
Agile Retrospectives - Esther Derby
Agile Project Management with Scrum - Ken Schwaber
The Corporate Culture Survival Guide - Edgar Schein
The Toyota Way - Jeffrey Liker
something on meeting facilitation
something on Consultative Decision-Making

Endorsement Requirements
Endorsement from two team members and one external stakeholder

Practicum Requirements
Two full cycles doing Process Facilitation with the accompaniment of a coach.

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