Schedule of Administrative Fees

Thanks for considering the OpenAgile Individual Recognition Program, an important part of the OpenAgile Center for Learning's Capacity Building Program. The OpenAgile Center for Learning is a non-profit corporation and funds received through the Individual Recognition Program go towards the operation of the program, the development of new materials and the maintenance of existing materials.

As you consider paying for recognition, we want to thank you in advance! Your support helps grow the OpenAgile community, the OpenAgile materials (which will _always_ be freely available), and the success of people working with their own talents to improve their organizations.

Please select the level of recognition you are applying for. Make sure that you select correctly and include your user membership name information when you make payment.

Individual Recognition Program Levels

Fees are one-time-only. Once you have paid your fee you will never have to pay for that level of recognition again (unlike many other certification programs which require annual renewal fees!!!) Currently the fees are the same for all geographical areas around the globe. All prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Choose the level of recognition:

NOTE: pricing above is for each level of recognition alone. By way of example, cumulative pricing for all the levels up to and including Process Facilitation would be $50 + $200 + $200 = $450.

Level 1: Readiness

Level 2: Team Member

Level 3: Process Facilitation

Level 4: Growth Facilitation

Level 5: Coach

Level 6: Trainer

Level 7: Catalyst

Level 8: Master of OpenAgile

Fees may change at any time without notice.