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Start Here : Steps to Advance in OpenAgile

1. Create a new account

2. Complete Level 1 Readiness through these steps:
(A) Read the OpenAgile Primer
OpenAgile Primer

(B). Get 100% on the Readiness Knowledge Test
OpenAgile Readiness Knowledge Test

(C) Get approved for completing the two steps above and receive your Level 1 Readiness certificate. Congratulations!

... ... Learn more about Level 1 Readiness
Level 1 Readiness

Contact Information

The OpenAgile Center for Learning is based in London, Ontario.

Executive Director: Garry Berteig
phone: 1-780-790-2393
email: garry at openagile dot com

Operations Director: Jim Heidema
phone: 1-519-694-3993
email: james at openagile dot com

Our mailing address is:

Suite 203, 186 King Street, London, ON, Canada N6A 1C7