Openagile Team Member Capacity Recognition

OpenAgile Team Member is the second (2nd) level available for individuals wishing to advance in their capacity with OpenAgile. The requirements for completing the OpenAgile Team Member level of recognition are simple:


Steps can be completed in any order!


--> Complete all the steps in the Basic Readiness Certificate (level 1).

--> Read the OpenAgile Team Member Manual (version 1.0) (free download).

This is the document that describes the Team Member role. The information in the Team Member Manual is designed to go deeper into some of the topics and principles discussed in the OpenAgile Primer. It is currently available in English only.

--> Complete the OpenAgile Team Member Test with a 100% correct score (free).

The Team Member Test is designed to be based exclusively on the material in the Team Member Manual. When you take the test, you are welcome to have the Manual available for reference. The test includes 25 randomly selected questions. You can take it as many times as necessary in order to achieve a score of 100% correct.

--> Attend a 2-Day Team Member Training by an OpenAgile Trainer

--> Practicum Requirements: Work for one Cycle as a member of an agile team (can be OpenAgile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, or another agile method with supporting documentation).

--> Accompanied through one Cycle by an OpenAgile Coach

A Team Member uses a Coach to orient and fine-tune working with OpenAgile. The working arrangements (duration, scope, cost, etc.) are left to the discretion of the Team Member and the Coach. When the mentorship is complete, the Coach will endorse that the Team Member understands and is able to apply the OpenAgile foundations and processes to their work. The Coach endorsement is in addition to the two listed below.

--> Endorsement from two people

Purpose: Endorsements are like letters of reference: they provide 3rd party verification of a person's capacity to act in the role of an OpenAgile Team Member. Endorsements are one part of the requirements to verify a person's capacity.

- Choice of people for Endorsement:
Anyone that has known the applicant for two years or more in either a personal or professional capacity. Examples include family members, school friends, co-workers, or professional care-givers such as a family doctor.

- Endorsement Format:
Endorsement must be provided in electronic format either as: - an endorsement on LinkedIn - an endorsement on attached to the person's profile, created by other members of - an endorsement emailed to comes from an email address clearly compatible with the name of the person giving the endorsement
... e.g. John Smith with email ""

- Endorsement Quantity:
There must be two endorsements.

- Endorsement Content:
The endorsement must include statements which verify how long the endorser has known the person, that the person upholds an ethical standard related to Truthfulness, and a work ethic that indicates an understanding of the importance of learning and professional development.

- Endorsement Timing:
Both endorsements must be received before application is made to the OpenAgile Center for Learning for recognition of capacity.

--> Signed agreement to code of ethics, applicable for lifetime.

--> Pay the certificate administration fee.

When you make payment, please include your member username.


Recommended Reading:
- The Wisdom of Teams (
- Getting Things Done (
- Textbook of Wisdom ( [rare])

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